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What is Dominion Standard

A Resource for Canadian thinkers to share thoughts. We are dedicated to providing a forum for Conservative views about significant topics of interest. All thoughts are welcome.
We are dedicated to espousing  Traditionalist, Nationalist, Neo-Conservative, and Social Conservative view points. In addition, content reflecting gender dynamics or criticism of contemporary mainstream media are welcome, and important topics for discussion on this blog as well. However, we will not limit ourselves to those positions and other interesting contributions are welcome. You can also find us on twitter @Dominionstnd  and on youtube 

We love to take guest posts as long as they fit the themes of the blog

Topics should generally adhere to the following:

1. Politics
2. History
3. Philosophy
4. News Commentary
5. Economics
6. Sexuality
7. Masculinity

All contributions first must be edited by contributor and sent through email. Leave a comment with your email and it will be followed up upon or direct message through twitter or facebook stating your desire to post.