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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Contents: Original Sin and Late Medieval Political Thought

I have been working on publishing my undergraduate thesis in a slightly modified and essentially syndicated form because I like to expose my ideas for criticism. 

To make navigation easier, I have decided it would be wise to add a content page and fill it out as I go. You can find all the elements of my undergraduate thesis on this page and view it in independent order on this page. 

This work, the thesis itself, ended up a bit encyclopedic, and this harmed my grade, though I still did very well; still, it permitted me to post this material in a  format that works perfectly for the blog. Pretty fortunate I suppose. 

The whole work asks what is the relationship between medieval political thought and original sin? And what are the consequences for peace and the formation of an effective polity? I hope some readers find fascinating answers to these questions in the text written.

Part 1: Introduction and Thomas Aquinas
Part 2: Marsilius of Padua and Dante Alighieri
Part 3: Humanism and Innovation Desiderius Erasmus, Christine Pizan, and Niccolo Machiavelli
Part 4: Thomas More
Part 5: Martin Luther and Conclusion