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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Ethnic Consciousness

Ethnic Consciousness

It seems to be something I’d never thought I would say, but I seem to be, in part at least, convinced of the invidious nature of the auto-genocidal tendency of whites in western society. It used to be that I denied that such sentiments existed among the liberal classes in the America’s and Europe, but now I can see no other alternative, not with the full-scale displacement of the Caucasian people in the major cities of the west.

Furthermore, a fierce epiphany has finally struck, in that, I have fully realized that any advocating for race, state, or culture, as a unique and fragile entity, particularly by whites is assaulted with an unparalleled degree of malice. I noticed this when I attended my university ‘club days’ event and noticed we had clubs representing various other ethnicities who make up a large component of the university population including Chinese, Muslim, African, and Indigenous et cetera. The left, the globalists, and the liberals showed the full force in this hypocrisy with the vociferous and virulent outrage over a few identarian posters placed on college campuses in Canadian cities ( Toronto and Edmonton) immediately suggesting they were hate crimes, apparently affirming your race and culture is an act of hate in Canada, (so long as its white). Even our despicable Prime Minister denies the existence of a 'core Canadian identity' as if the idea of a national identity wasn't a prerequisite for the government of a coherent state; yet, a dying coherent state is exactly what he has been so fortunate as to inherit from his treasonous father. 

The Racial Intelligence Problem

Lastly, the case for human biodiversity as it is often termed is incredibly strong. I have great sympathy and love for the ‘minority’ people in my life, my step-grandfather was aboriginal, my father’s girlfriend is black, and my own girlfriend is Arab; I don’t live in a bubble, however, when taken overall the body of evidence is growing toward the conclusion that human differences, particularly in temperament and intelligence, are very strong. In support of this fact I’ll be linking some videos from Stefan Molyneux because he does a particularly strong job of talking about his concerns openly and interviewing scientific authorities on the subject.


As Charles Murray notably said, is the fact that Barack Obama is black make him any less Barack Obama? (note I am Paraphrasing) ‘no’ he is still just as exceptional as he is regardless of his race. However, if we take the exceptions away and think of the regression toward the mean, then it seems that the there is some form of dysgenic effect inherent in the migration of millions of low IQ individuals into the west (I know IQ tests are not infallible, but they are a strong general correlator to G or General Intelligence). 

Living in Harmony

Finally, diversity is a fallacy, are we any richer if we are more diverse? Research suggests diversity undermines trust and social capital. In addition, even if diversity was harmless, it would still then be arbitrary, and not explain why the flourishing European world must swallow the foreign multitudes and act as the only life preserve in existence. Even immigrants reject diversity as they hunker down in ethnic ghetto's in major cities just think of inner cities in much of the United States, China Towns, Little Italies, or infamous RosengĂ„rd in Malmo Sweden. Likewise, if we must import millions it suggests there is an implicit problem with the ethnic makeup of our Caucasian countries to begin with: I don’t buy the assertion there is anything wrong with me as a white man.

'We need them'

Those who trumpet the horn of diversity and mass immigration make the case based in part upon an economic argument, this is also an absurdity. They say that no one will care for the elderly in our societies or sustain the tax base. These aren’t problems with the population they are problems with the society. We would not need an immense tax base without a parasitic welfare state even more drained by the influx of foreigners. Nor would we need a demographic boost if it weren’t for the artificial and toxic birth control introduced to our societies by the Sanger clique. Again, we wouldn’t need to import more people if we had stable families to raise the children of the future. Finally, everyone claims immigrants will fix the problem of demographic decline and the need to care for the elderly, but immigrants get old too. Immigration is no replacement for a system which fails to support life.  


I do not doubt, for any reason that the influx of mass third world migration from novel and not traditional immigrant source countries is partly to explain for the decline of the western world since the mid-twentieth century, if not earlier, perhaps even the turn of the 20th century. Dark ages lie ahead. It’s an uncomfortable, fact, but one I am ever more often gaining sympathy with.