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Friday, 28 October 2016

Conservative of the Day: Douglas Murray

“The problem for US officials is the same problem that filters through all the other sections of our societies. It goes something like this. Since we know – thanks to Salman Rushdie, who was forced into hiding for his life because of his novel about Islam, The Satanic Verses, Theo van Gogh, the Dutch film-maker who was murdered after making a critical film about Islam, and others – that there is a potentially high price to pay for criticising Islam, what reaction are we able to make in response to the religion? If we cannot criticise it at all, ever, for fear of being ‘phobic’ at best and beheaded at worst, we have to find some other attitude towards it.” 
― Douglas MurrayIslamophilia

I am going to take the time, on occasion, to highlight a conservative thinker or figure for public benefit. Today I chose Douglas Murray: a real hero, and a voice for conservatism in the Neo-Conservative strain. Murray has picked up the torch from people like Irving Kristol and Christopher Hitchens (I know Hitchens wasn't a conservative by a mile). He may in fact be the, new Enfant Terrible of the right, perhaps rivaled by Milo Yiannapolous, but Murray is infinitely more intellectual, successful and erudite.

British Conservative Douglas Murray (16 July 1979), graduated from Oxford (Magdalen College), and during his second year published his first successful book an autobiography of Lord Aflred Douglas before going on to publish books on Neo-Conservatism and Islam. He has won a number of literary prizes for his works.

Murray made his name as a commentator on the BBC and as the director of the Society for Social Cohesion and most his work has focused on opposition to mass immigration and polemic against Islam. Murray adheres to the notion that their is no moderate Islam, and Islam as currently accepted is an existential threat to the Western World.

Murray passionately supports Christianity despite the fact that he is no longer a member of the COE and is openly homosexual. Murray considers himself a 'Cultural Christian' not a comfortable idea for most conservatives, but nevertheless a position which many can see themselves reflected.

My sole criticism that I can immediately think of regarding Murray is his loyalty to the notion of enlightenment and reason. Murray is a little too credulous in his assumption of human freedom and human reason. 

Douglas Murray currently is associate director of the Henry Jackson Society, writes for the Spectator, and his books can be found online as well. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Great Hilary Clinton Data Dump Part #2

A close friend of mine, Barry has supplied me with an extensive 4,000 post highlighting the seedy dealings of the Clinton's. Barry has worked his way through a large volume of Wikileak's files, which I am not familiar with to give us some insight, into the diabolical political manipulations of Hilary Clinton. Barry is not partial to Donald Trump, but he is anti-globalist, and this is his actuating force when it comes to political activism and sympathy with the conservative position. 

Hope you guys find something interesting in what he has to say. His writing will be broken over many posts and linked as I post them. 

Note: The claims made by the author have not be investigated for veracity. The editor of the blog insists that anyone who writes determines the authenticity of their sources. If anyone see's a problem in the data presented let me know in the comments! 


The Great Clinton Data Dump Part #1

Now on to Hillary and Trump.

I dislike both candidates, I do wish there was better ones. We all think that. But Trump is better than Hillary in pretty much every way possible: remember that when reading. Cause Trump ain't perfect he’s old school, but does not compare to who Hillary is. I implore anyone to watch the full rallies of Trump. He’s nothing like what the mainstream media boasts and lies him to be. Stop watching little snippets of Trump on mainstream media. They are biased, edited, and made to make him look bad while turning you away from things he talks about in a wholesome fashion.

Concerning his scandals recently, I should get this off right off the start, and you should have a look.One of Trumps newest scandals, of Trump going backstage, and checking girl contestants out while theywere undressing and getting ready. 

"I found this guy’s comment, I am sorry I could not find his name but it's accurate of what owner's of pageants do.  He apparently works in the industry, but however its' very interesting and I thought I would supply it. He stated.

"There are bathroom stalls in every single theater and the girls who are more shy, underage would typically go and get changed there, for 18 year old's it’s not uncommon for them to just stand around naked, especially if there is body paint involved as it can take a couple hours. It's almost as if this election has disconnected us from reality, thousands of men work backstage in modelling events that involve underage teenagers, many of which see the models partially nude, they aren't sexually assaulting them, they aren't molesting them, they like Trump are just doing their jobs."

Concerning the tape of Trump many years back where he talks about woman on a bus with Billy Bush, pretty much every guy I know talks similarly behind closed doors; what he said is locker room talk. I don't talk like that at all, but I know a lot of people who do. And many guys do. Woman's husbands and boyfriends all round. Plus, it was a long time ago. Trump has had time to correct himself. Even so, he's not sexually assaulted anyone. He is being destroyed over being a typical guy. Now if you actually watched that tape, it sounds like Billy Bush was egging him on. Trump though reminds me of an old grandpa who's old school that comes from the 60's.

After the rape accusations against Trump started to become national Wikileaks released this. Hillary used Craigslist to hire the fake Sexual assault victims against Trump.

Democrats prepared fake Trump "grope under the meeting table" Craigslist employment advertisement in May 2016 as proven by Wikileaks: Hillary is doing it again.
On a further note on this subject Trump has witnesses that testify that they did not happen. And the people accusing him right now have enormous loop holes and their stories are not straight. And the stories come straight from Hillary's Camp used as a smear against Trump. Now if we talk about Bill Clinton, now that is another story, Hillary does anything to get what she wants.

If you really look at it Hillary Clinton, she rapes woman psychologically that were raped by her husband, sexually assaulted or groped, molested as well, on and on. This goes way, way far back many years in fact. Its been going on for a long time. Just some of the victims are below.

(Lencola Sullivan, Elizabeth Ward, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Eileen Wellstone, And Sally Perdue. And Dolly Kyle Browning, Susie Whitacre, Marsha Scott, Monica Lewinsky, and Sandra Allen James.) Just to name a few. One even had an $800,000 court settlement with the Clinton`s. When you look at who Bill Clinton is you start finding a lot of disturbing things. Just one of Bill`s Victims Juanita Broaddrick.

"Here's the choice - Trump, a potty mouthed, outspoken, old school, patriotic, rich loudmouth OR Hillary, a corrupt lawyer, an evil mother to a child who's not Bill's and denies Bill seeing his son from a prostitute who threatened the mother and had her pushed out of a window, a mob boss who's had personally over 70 people assassinated, a fraudster who put the 13 Billion dollar aid money for Haiti in her pocket, a liar who lied to congress and committed perjury for the emails, broke the law when she discussed classified info on an illegal server, a murderer who denied 600 emails asking for help from the murdered Benghazi heroes, a woman who has lawsuit after lawsuit against her in the past but her mobster clan killed people or bribed them to get her off, a woman who is in collusion to sign over your country to a third party, a woman who started and funds and weaponizes ISIS/Al-Qaeda while telling the world that's who we are at war with ---- the list is endless." 

The Great Clinton Data Dump Part #3

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Coffee With a Conservative #2

Morning everyone, here is the second coffee with a conservative video. Here I look at Thomas Sowell's most recent column's, the tension between atheist conservatives and God, touch on Red Toryism, and talk about the third presidential debate. Check it out!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Great Clinton Data Dump Part #1

A close friend of mine, Barry has supplied me with an extensive 4,000 post highlighting the seedy dealings of the Clinton's. Barry has worked his way through a large volume of Wikileak's files, which I am not familiar with to give us some insight, into the diabolical political manipulations of Hilary Clinton. Barry is not partial to Donald Trump, but he is anti-globalist, and this is his actuating force when it comes to political activism and sympathy with the conservative position. 

Hope you guys find something interesting in what he has to say. His writing will be broken over many posts and linked as I post them. 

Note: The claims made by the author have not be investigated for veracity. The editor of the blog insists that anyone who writes determines the authenticity of their sources. If anyone see's a problem in the data presented let me know in the comments! 


Wikileaks explodes and who will be the next President of the United States?

By Barry C.
At the beginning of this piece I supply some of the evidence right from Wikileaks. Some not related to the discussion but they are interesting and I supply them because of a video by Stefan Molyneaux who does a run down on many of the Wikileaks releases that are included here. Some people want evidence right off and I supply that as well for them a little bit below. Data dumps and links included for evidence on the Wikileaks files and more included.
The Podesta emails have been released in over 12 parts and show how Hillary Clinton was involved in the Antonin Scalia assassination and cover up of a Supreme court judge. They show which countries actually support and are funding ISIS. What the DNC (Democratic National Committee) is doing behind closed doors with Hillary Clinton and much much more. This includes election fraud, and how the DNC has allowed or made 4 million ineligible and dead voters voting for Clinton. 
If you have not used Wikileaks for a long time or never have they changed it to a searchable database. When you go to a link type in the phrase that is beside the links to get the specific email dump for viewing them. (I have actually done this myself so you guys don't have to do that.)

Stefan Molyneux does a rundown for the below emails and files.

Wikileaks has begun releasing emails from Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta, which provide a very interesting look into the Democratic Nominee's campaign. These emails raise some significant questions. In an attempt to deflect criticism regarding the information contained within the leaked emails, the Clinton Campaign has promoted the baseless assertion that Russia and Vladimir Putin are behind the leaks and working to actively sabotage Clinton’s campaign. What is the Truth About the Hillary Clinton Wikileaks Scandal?

Everything of what you see comes from the new Podesta emails from Wikileaks.
Hillary Clinton literally had over 2,000 more emails leaked through the Podesta emails. And this time they are about her under the table deals against the permission of the United States government to sell their ICBM technology, state secrets, and confidential and military tech to Russia and China. They may have passed off Uranium to Russia as well: the ultimate treason to America. That is, selling again, all the United States armour tech, missile defense systems, basically everything to China and Russia; That includes Nuclear missile tech as well.
There are parts in the Podesta emails like how Hillary was involved in the Scalia Murder and cover-up of a judge.
Wetworks is a military code phrase for assassination.

In Obama’s second term, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton authorized the shipment of American-made arms to Qatar, a country beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood, and friendly to the Libyan rebels, in an effort to topple the Libyan/Gaddafi government, and then ship those arms to Syria in order to fund Al Qaeda, and topple Assad in Syria.”
In March, WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for over 30,000 emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was secretary of state. The 50,000 pages of documents span from June 2010 to August 2014; 7,500 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton. The State Department released the emails as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request.
Julian Assange on the release.

After the rape accusations against Trump started to become national Wikileaks released this. Hillary used Craigslist to hire the fake Sexual assault victimsagainst Trump.  (Will also be below as well)
Wikileaks. All her emails from the DNC.
Videos of Congress on Hillary's emails. You should all definitely watch what happened.

 Hillary's server administrator got found in contempt of court by congress cause of her emails.
Jason Chaffetz We Hold Hillary Clinton's Server Administrator In Contempt Of Court Sep 22, 2016 )

Trey Gowdy Hillary Clinton Lied! Trey Gowdy Congress hearing of the Emails Sep 20, 2016

Project Veritas has finally came through in exposing the Clinton Campaign.

In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic  operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign. The video documents violence at Trump rallies that is traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC through a process called bird dogging.
A shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations are revealed. A key Clinton operative is on camera saying, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker."

Monday, 17 October 2016

You Don't 'Always' Need TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

What the author should look like!
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

How I've Been Feeling

Hey everyone, so today I am going to talk to you a little about testosterone. See, the last little while, I have been feeling like shit. I fall asleep constantly, huge decline in muscle mass, and before I had trouble (or seemed to) have trouble holding onto muscle mass. Meanwhile, I also have a very passive, occasionally falling into depression, low risk personality. I never felt the need to get out there, to win, to compete, or to fuck. The ladies of the world are under served in my neck of the woods. I knew I needed to fix something. So I cut out caffeine for awhile and hoped I'd sleep better. Yeah, I sorta did, but not great: I started to research. 

Oh Shit I Must be Low 'T'

The internet, and I am thankful for it, especially, Victor Pride at Bold & Determined and Chris at Good Looking Loser, Mike Cernovich at Danger, and Play, and the dude over at Iron&Tweed all rattled off a list of symptoms that matched up with everything I had, especially the complete absence of amorous, or libidinous needs. 

More than anything though they gave me hope. I have always had trouble keeping myself muscle bound when not in the gym on the regular. Perhaps I was low T? The answer seemed so simple!

Meeting the Doc

I had heard stories about how horrible it was to find a doctor to take young mans complaints seriously. I went to a local walk in, and they said everything sounded off, the nurse looked completely bewildered, when I said I was 24 and had no desire to fuck anything. Keep in mind this is Canada, I don't know how the system has been to other Canadians but at no point did I feel like I wasn't being listened to or taken seriously. The doctor came back and promptly deflated my hopes of getting lab work done, instead informing me to look for a family doctor because he didn't have my baseline tests and was too busy to take new patients. 

Well, shit. So I got on the phone and called up another guy a 15 minute drive away. Turns out he wasn't taking patients. The only white male doctor under 40 in a 20 kilometer radius wasn't taking patients . . . I wasn't going to go to an Arab or a woman . . . which it seems like all the GP's in Edmonton are. I pulled a hail-mary and booked with an Asian guy, who sounded youngish. 

I showed up, and he listened to my issues. I told him I thought I had iron problems due to fatigue, or perhaps testosterone issues, do to the no strength gain in 8 years of working out, I even mentioned very heavily that I do not want to get laid. He listened to every word. I found a snowflake. Within 20 minutes I was out the door with a lab requisition form. 

The Cathartic Blood Draw

A week later, when I snuck into the lab, I was so fucking happy. The catharsis of knowing that I might 'actually' feel better in the near future electrified me. I smiled and laughed with the old lady taking my blood, and that's unusual. 

Results AKA (WTF)

A week later the doctor calls me asking me to come into the clinic and speak with him. He is now my family doctor, and he is fantastic! He shows me the blood work, and asks me about 4 times If am on steroids . . .  why? Well, normal free test levels hover between 11-29 nmol/l at least from what, I have seen. I look at the page, and my testosterone is highlighted bright red. . .  Oh' shit, I must be low. Nope, sorry, 'your high, really fucking high.' Turns out my free testosterone came back at 35 nmol/l that's the top 95% of men under 25. I am literally the walking essence of masculinity. I still feel like shit, but man I am happy! I am happy, because I have no excuses. 


Two major  conclusions can be drawn from my experience: 1) the mind is overwhelmingly powerful, and you have to bring your body and mind into harmony to see the results you desire. 2) the power of sleep cannot be overstated. If your going to get by in the modern world and be at your best, nap, and sleep as much as is reasonable. Shoot for what makes you feel normal because if your like me, you can attribute your problems to something else, but they were just symptoms of too little sleep. Finally, get your testosterone levels checked if your a man you need to know. Because so many problems are associated with low T from depression to muscle loss, you just can't take a chance on living without knowledge of your body. I was lucky, I am a freak; most modern men are low.  

Now just for the hell of it. Some Rollins Band

Friday, 14 October 2016

Up the Trump! Keep it Up Donald You Man You!

People I respect, like the wonderful Rod Dreher at the American Conservative have got it wrong on Donald Trump.

Trump's Not Broken

I still support Donald Trump, conditionally speaking, obviously I am Canadian and can't cast my vote in that horrible Republic to the south, however, as far as demagogues go Trump is the man. Even when haunted by the spectre of his Billy Bush comments. 

I only endorse Trump to the extent that his candidacy will ruin the Republican Party in America. The Republican party, is tainted and wed to business interests. And we shouldn't be upset that this nasty conglomerate of sycophantic, avaricious, puppets is falling apart. 

Trump, is a man who at least keeps fighting. I haven't witnessed a candidate show this much resolve in the heart of a media firestorm before. He fought back in the second debate, when everyone else wrote him off, and he looked better than ever doing it. 

He is a Man and Shouldn't Be Afraid of it

The Billy Bush scandal is depressing. The words were obviously not intended for public consumption. Yet, I don't know what kind of man hasn't made similar comments in the rambunctious atmosphere of a masculine assemblage. Its true men treat women like objects. We can't help it, science shows as much, that's how the masculine brain works, but until some real evidence of misconduct emerges its all just smoke in the wind. 

Furthermore, lets not joke about it being sexual assault: its not. Nor do words incriminate. I don't know how many times I've said 'I would kill that fucker,' or that 'that bitch deserves to die,' followed with an explanation of how I would do it. Yet, I haven't harmed a soul, we say stupid things all the time its human nature get over it. Trump isn't a criminal or a sexual predator at least not for this. 

Women Like This

I'd like to add a couple addendum's. First, despite protestations to the contrary, women are attracted to assholes. Trump is an asshole, the cockier you are the more women like it (to a point, I know), but the fact of the matter is women are visceral creatures just like men. A cocky, confident, ambitious man, especially one with money and fame, is like the absolute rockin model body would be to a man. So women, no doubt are receptive to Trump and like him, and he probably, generally speaking gets a warm reception from them, as they helplessly 'make a mistake,' and fall into his bed. 

When everyone criticizes Trump for being a crass misogynist, what I see is denial of women's attraction triggers, and a refusal to admit that women love 'the asshole,' because he isn't that spineless and obsequious loser that repels them like most men do. Men like to think there is retribution for men who don't give a fuck like Trump, who don't treat women particularly well, like Trump, but the fact is that these men get all the rewards. Because we are programmed to find these people attractive. 

His wife probably doesn't mind

I know I mentioned it in the video, but I will say it again. Melania Trump, probably doesn't mind Donald's philandering. She probably finds it gives her a reason to compete and keep his interest and knows that he 'chooses her' over the other women he is engaged with. I am not putting a stamp of approval on his behavior I am merely stating the obvious. You would be stupid to let a rich 1% husband who happens to be masculine and confident and ready to take on the world get away simply because he doesn't lavish you with attention all the time; I bet that's Melania's conclusion. 

Regardless we may see fallout from this simply because it's public and women don't want the perception of not fitting the idyllic image of a wife. Nor do women like to be labeled sluts. Furthermore, a wife who openly reveres her husband and acts as a supplement to his life and not an equal partner is not a fashionable thing. I shouldn't even say equal because I bet Trump see's her as equal, but I bet he also see's her as a compliment to his life, which is as a man and a woman should be. Sexual dimorphism exists for a reason. 

The Many 'Whys' of the Right

Why do we have to ignore and hide the reality facing us? Why are the Christian conservatives in such vehement denial? And why do the champions of the libertine sexual revolution get so scared of vulgarity? Don't they see this behavior as the natural consequence of unleashing of humanity's libidinous tendencies? I can't imagine a reason why Donald Trump would truly be embarrassed.

Coffee With a Conservative #1

Hey everyone who reads, I started  new series of videos where hopefully I can get some feedback on what interests people in terms of content, and at the same time be a little less anonymous. In the videos all be talking about daily headlines in conservative media. Today I looked at Donald Trump in both the Canadian National Post and the American National Review. These videos are just off the cuff criticism, and not exactly researched, but hopefully something different.

It is also my intention to add book reviews to the youtube channel, and at a later date, hopefully some conversations called 'Drinks with a Conservative' that will offer some arguments and debate between friends on contemporary issues.  


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Why Conservatism On Hold!

Hi there readers

 I am letting you know today that my long series of blog posts on the tentatively titled Why Conservatism will be delayed for the foreseeable future. I may occasionally work on chapters, and if I complete them post them, but no consistency can be anticipated. I am too busy with outside commitments and University. I will resume the book in the summer after the completion of my undergrad thesis. So for the time being its on hold. 

 Sorry everyone!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Men 'Not' at Work: Why are we dropping out?

 GNU Free Documentation License user Gamingforfun365 

Pundits Not Men

George Will argued in the Washington Post that there is an epidemic trend in America of able bodied, but voluntarily unemployed men. He essentially asserts then men are children living a life of abundance via the welfare state. He also asserts that Trump is some mysterious manifestation of this phenomenon, he isn't he is a different animal only tangentially related. Will's problem is he comes back to the economic incentive, men aren't unemployed out of a ease because they don't value work, or would rather relax for relaxation's sake. Something, deeper, some alienation is taking place, and this may perhaps be attributed to our secular, globalist, and consumerist modernity. 

Rod Dreher followed it up in the American Conservative with a similar commentary. However, Dreher as usual is more insightful, first he recognizes that men lack for an authoritative father figure (absent father's are the scourge of the impoverished). However, he fails to note that single mothers are the number one reason for absent fathers. Instead, he concludes with some man shaming ending his statement with, 'I’ll say this: I don’t blame a woman for not wanting to marry an idler.' I don't think he realizes men, don't want to marry most women, and would be foolish to do so. Rod Dreher, checked out of the sexual market along time  ago. 

Pertains More to Underemployed

I understand that my assessment will pertain more to those underemployed men that unemployed men, but the incentives will be similar regardless. First, we forget that underemployment can be voluntary, and why wouldn't I chose to work fewer hours if possible? If I can have modest comfort and freedom on a modest budget with fewer working hours I'll take it, that's a rational actors trade off. 

Its a Symptom of Something Else

Will and Dreher, who I assume have fun poking at the sorry state of men, which I try my best to avoid, seem to think that we can tie all this back to men being lazy and profligate spenders: I don't buy it. 

First of all, they fail here to address the problem of mass immigration. The tide of people sneaking intro the country, and likewise coming legally, have a large effect on the job market and strip opportunities that would otherwise be available to those of low skill in their own economy. This also ties into the problem of social alienation. White men, especially white men under 40, for good reason, feel marginalized and discriminated against. They get passed over for employment, they have a hostile academy and a hostile job market run by H.R harpies who every man fears to cross. Why would they jump into a system that disenfranchises them and demonizes their privilege at every opportunity? Meanwhile, political elites, in the  GOP and the Democratic party have little accountability to their constituents, sadly the king makers in Washington aren't the common man but the monied interest. Again, nihilism seems reasonable. 

Lets keep going, this a problem of liberalism but needs mention regardless. We have created a culture that does not condemn behavior and expression despite it being anti-social or harmful. We live in the era of hedonism, drug use, easy sex, low self-consciousness, historical alienation, low culture, and social licence is not stigmatized and in the absence of a moral order cannot be condemned. Remember, if it doesn't harm me then why not let them do it? You can't ethically inhibit another person can you? And any attempt to cultivate virtue in the person, to inculcate value, well that would just be your values... So we have a standstill and degeneracy. 

It would be remiss not to mention the American diet, which isn't far from our own Canadian diet. Let's put it this way, you want to explain the economic, disability, budgetary, and healthcare crisis in one fell swoop.... Bad carb laden and sugar filled food. Until we start to burn see coca-cola factory's burning it will only get worse. Until the FDA bans added sugar America will relentlessly poison itself and more people will be unable to work, feel like shit, or end up in hospital. Sugar is the Black Death of our time.

Sustaining a Bachelor is Cheap

Our compatriots in the mainstream forget that sustaining a man on a single income is easy. We don't ask for much. In the abbreviated or mildly misquoted words of Aaron Clarey who wrote the awesome Bachelor Pad Economics. 'All a bachelor needs is a place to shit and to sleep.' Sorry Aaron! Don't have my book handy! I'll check it later. Now, ever since my ex-fiance and I split, I've noticed that my expenses without any effort have come down immensely. If I wasn't a student living on loans most the year I'd be banking it. When a man doesn't need or have a woman, and only pays for himself he can get by on a very small surplus. This is part of why married men make more they have to. By default the bachelor has fuck you money, he isn't keeping anyone else in comfort. 

We Don't Want or Have Wives

BAM! George Will states. 'The collapse has coincided with a retreat from marriage (“the proportion of never-married men was over three times higher in 2015 than 1965”), which suggests a broader infantilization.' George nailed it here, a flash of insight and he found the disease vector and relates it to the correct malaise, but only partially: his diagnosis is incorrect.

Let's face it modern women, have little going for them. You can't trust them, they are loud, boisterous, manly, quick to offend, entitled and childish. Yet, when a woman elects to work and not marry she is an independent and powerful woman. When a man checks out of the marriage market he is shamed. When a woman fucks around with many men, she is powerfully expressing her freedom and enjoying her body; a man is a player, a cad, a child, and a pig. 

But let's not blame only women. Its worse, the real problem is the divorce system, which eats men alive. Jezebel likes to say 50% of marriages aren't divorces. But neglect to notice that most the factors for why they suggest divorce is down are factors involving women marrying at a later age and having less access to the sexual market. Their is a reason why as women get older they divorce less, remarriage rates are horrible for older women. Men do okay, however.

Now why would any self-respecting man willingly invest in a system where he is risking 70%+ odds of having his future ruined. I say plus, because he may end up in a system by an intolerable bitch who may even be abusive, but because he is a man he is defacto at fault for any relationship conflict. Furthermore, marriage was reasonable, when the law protected marriage, because of no fault divorce it no longer does so. In fact it tips the scale toward women, and in turn creates overwhelming poverty by destroying the lives of children.
Men check out because there is no reason to wear the collar of a slave nor place that same yoke on your future children.

Things Have to Change Before We Do

Its safe to say that the problems with men aren't problems with men, but expressions of systemic illness manifest across societies uprooted and denatured social order. But men are convenient victims. They are an entitled class, and therefore guilty by association with their peers. If we blame men, we don't have to do anything, we don't have to fix broken laws or incentive's or address female vicissitudes in relationships even when it destroys lives either through poverty or men putting a gun in their mouth or placing the barrel down range.

Men are Checking Out of Gain for Gain's Sake

Finally, I have to point out that men are checking out of the money making calculus, because really, what is the point of more money without a family, without a meaningful life, without a community. None of these things are fixed by our modern ways, and yet these are the things that construct natural meaning. Otherwise, why wouldn't I live a low rent lifestyle and encjoy the decline with my minimal income and maximal free time? Give me a convincing reason . . . 

Friday, 7 October 2016

The Slut Formula: How Do I know if My Girlfriend is a Whore

I am a little bored, and realized that most modern men have to navigate a sexual market place significantly different than there forefathers, One thing they will inevitable ask about, and struggle with is the idea of her number. 


Because men likely evolved to target women with a low number of partners too ensure paternity. Remember always remember, 'Mommy's baby is daddy's maybe,' Don't worry ladies I don't disparage you completely, you can't help it. Its even been suggested by Sociologist Eric Anderson in The Monogamy Gap, Christopher Ryan in Sex at Dawn, and numerous studies by \academics eg): here, here, and here that women are predisposed to cuckholding men, just as often as men like to cheat, but we know the consequences for women, without that magic little pill, are infinitely more catastrophic. We know the state of women is horrible, and if you're a man with any desire for marriage, I wouldn't recommend it, or even a steady girlfriend, you have to be on your guard.

2 Schools of Thought?

First, some men advocate that you know her number inside out and out before making any certain commitments; otherwise you failed to do your due diligence, and you are to blame for her destroying any future relationship/just proving to be an unpleasant partner jaded by being brought into emotional apathy via action as a ejaculatory receptacle by dozens of other men. 

Second, is my principle, and perhaps more viable, don't ask and don't tell. She doesn't need to know how many lady's you've been with, and you don't need to know how many times she has been spit roasted. If she is good now go with it. Observe behavior closely however. If you do go down the road of asking for her answers or perhaps, she asks yours, then obfuscate; the answer will please no one. 

In Regards to the 1st 

Now if you want a rough covert measurement of how classless she actually is, I recommend my own personal SLUT FORMULA!!! new and improved and always a useful barometer of sexual dis-inhibition.  Alright, ready.... 


The Variables

Okay so, A= her age. Punch that in. 
Now subtract 14 thats the presumable age of when she became sexually active, and we all know girls are starting young these days. Science may doubt it, but the anecdote is strong with this one.  Besides that give her 2 free years in your calculus. I used to start at 16 but that really weeded out a large # of ladies. 

So take her age subtract 14 so 26-14=12

now take the 12 AKA her sexual years and divide it by two. That gives her the choice of one partner every two years. You have just said you approve of her long term relationships, give her a wiggle fling or two, but also don't approve of her serial monogamy. 

Our answer in this case is 6.... She is 26 years old she is a slut, or at least well on her way, if she has had over 6 partners.... Tread with caution. Investigate the backstory with friends. Make sure mistakes were not 'mistakes.' Its much more palatable if she had a few serious relationships that crashed and burned due to the man burning her.... Use your instincts. 


There you go men, something new to think about. Have fun, maybe target these girls if you want to fool around, but don't lock them down. If you refuse to lock them down maybe one day the ladies will understand that they can't just rebound to any guy after they are done 'finding themselves' and 'partying.'

Finally, I love this formula because it offers a chance at recovery. 
A woman can abstain for a few years, or withdraw to a long term relationship (if she can snag it) and her number will slowly ease back out of the slut zone. 

-- Have a good one Cole.